Pamper Parties

Pamper parties are great for up to 15 children as we don't want anyone feeling left out. Great for sleepovers! 
(Any more then 7 children there will be a £35 extra charge for a second host)

For all of our parties music will be provided throughout & sweets OR popcorn too!

For your kids pamper party you can choose 3 of the following:

  • Mini Facials

  • Nail glitter, patterns or stickers (Fingers or toes)

  • Nail painting (Fingers or toes)

  • Nail wraps (Nail wraps only work on children with longer nails)

  • Make over (princess make-over includes glitter)

  • Hair styling (Princess hair styling includes crown)

  • Glitter Tattoos (One per child)

  • Photographs with princesses or friends

                                                                      £14.50 per child 

                                                                        £20 extra for a princess host to attend

                                                                           £35  - to add additional treatment(s)

Mini Instant Print out photos for you to keep

    £1.50 per photo

We do Adults too!

Mummy and Me pamper party, please choose 3 from the following:

  • Facials

  • Nails - shellac for mummies, paint for daughters

  • Mini make overs

  • Full make overs (counts as 2 choices)

  • Hair styling

  • Professional photographs with each mummy and child.                    

                                                                                £80 per mummy and child

                                                                                      maximum of 5 pairs

We don't have a time limit on these parties as we want all of our treatments to be the best they can be and it depends how many treatments you choose. We have a maximum of 2 hosts for these parties so please choose wisely.

More then 7 children will require 2 Beauticians.


Glitter Make Overs!

Add a touch of Magic and sparkle to your parties with our Glitter Make Overs! 

perfect for ages 6-12

All The Sparkles
30 minute or 1 hour make overs available. Includes: Glitter Face & Neck, Glitter Hair & Gems

Just a little Sparkle
30 minute or 1 hour make overs available. Includes: Glitter Face & Glitter Hair

(Smaller sparkly creations are made)

Mermaid Make-Up

 1 Hour full mermaid glitter make-over

multiple options available, minimum of 8 children